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Behind the Wheel

We offer behind the wheel driving lessons 7 days a week Sunday- Monday, with Sundays and Mondays reserved specifically for makeup days or specialty skill set enhancement drives. We accommodate availability for day, evening, and weekend lessons for adults and teens of any skill level. All driving lessons are private, one- on-one sessions instructed by patient, state licensed and certified professionals. All training sessions are conducted in 2 hr. increments and come with FREE home pickup and drop off within one of our 15 service areas.

Connect with us directly at 470-646-8869 to schedule your first driving lesson to ensure you enroll in the appropriate package that is right for your needs. After speaking with us and choosing your package, you will receive a Welcome Email containing your package price, scheduled drive times, cancellation policies, and a link to Square, Inc. where your payment will be securely processed online.* 

*Please note that payments must be paid in full prior to scheduled pickup date for driving sessions.


2 Hrs   $130

4 Hrs   $240

6 Hrs   $340

8 Hrs   $440

10 Hrs  $530

12 Hrs  $636

For adults and teens



Road Test Preparation

Our two-hour road test preparation lessons prepare students for their upcoming road test appointment. Lessons focus on safety techniques you may be asked to perform during your road test.

Students will learn or practice:


  • Parallel parking

  • Proper turnabout procedures

  • Straight line backing

  • Blind spot checks

  • Lane changing

  • Negotiating intersections

  • Safety procedures 


2 Hrs   $120

road test prep

Night Driving

Driving at night can present a whole host of new challenges for drivers.  Although some drivers will get a bit of experience with this during their initial driving lessons, it’s important to make sure you are prepared for taking to the road at night, by knowing how to adapt your driving style and keeping safety a priority.


  • How to become better acclimated to lower visibility

  • How to increase your awareness when color recognition is compromised and a decrease in both depth perception and peripheral vision

  • How to increase comfortability with glare from oncoming headlights and high beams headlights

  • How to manage the use of interior instruments such as the night vision button, high beam headlights, and rheostat instruments

  • How to anticipate nighttime hazards ie.. animals and pedestrians wearing dark clothing

  • How to maintain appropriate following distance and speed on dark roadways

  • How to be confident when dealing with the challenges that impaired drivers may pose


2 Hrs   $150

4 Hrs   $260

night driving
expressway driving

Expressway Driving

Expressway driving in the Metro Atlanta area requires navigating the different directional guide signs, while contending with other drivers at higher speeds.


Our two-hour Expressway Driving lessons are designed to build awareness, confidence, and proficiency in these areas:

  • Increasing comfortability while driving at higher speeds

  • Recognizing critical lane selection

  • Sudden lane changes

  • Sharing the roadway with larger vehicles, such as semi trailer trucks, HERO units,

  • Extending visual search patterns

  • Lane positioning

  • Passing and being passed

  • Managing following distance and space cushions

  • Merging on and leaving the expressway


2 Hrs   $130

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